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Cherry Blossoms by YecatsCullenLOTR Cherry Blossoms :iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 3 0 TARDIS - Pinwheel Closeup by YecatsCullenLOTR TARDIS - Pinwheel Closeup :iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 1 0 Art Pinwheel Design by YecatsCullenLOTR Art Pinwheel Design :iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 0 0
(APH) RomneyShambles - USUK
A loud shriek of fury sounded throughout the White House, and said blonde nation flinched in horror. "Oh Jesus," He squeaked, turning away from the TV in the Oval Office to look at the door.
America flinched again, placing his face in his hands and almost curling in on himself. From the desk in the front of the room, President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and the First Lady looked on bemusedly.
"Um, Secret Service will be able to stop him before he does any real damage… right?" Biden asked nervously. America glanced at him with a raised eyebrow. Yeah, that was a resounding no.
There was a pounding on the disguised door of the Office, and distantly, the occupants could hear the mutterings of Secret Service: long used to the British nation storming in and disabling their ever
:iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 21 7
Superhusbands Cake by YecatsCullenLOTR Superhusbands Cake :iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 18 1 Hetalia: Season 4 Bandana by YecatsCullenLOTR Hetalia: Season 4 Bandana :iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 0 0
APH - USUK: Oh, Who Would Ever Want to Be King
[February 6th, 1952]
"He's dead, America."
The American nation turned around abruptly in the British estate, jumping up from the couch as he heard his lover's voice.
England leant there, against the doorway of the study, in a sopping wet coat, dripping onto the carpet. America flinched at the Brit's paler-than-normal skin, and his shaking body.
"Jeez, Iggy, get out of that coat! It's freezing out there!"
England didn't move, didn't even chastise the other for the nickname as America quickly stripped him off the clothes, didn't even pay attention to the chattering of his own teeth. America himself did not want to remember the words the older nation had spoken in a deadpan as he entered.
"England. Hey, England." No answer. Just a blank stare, and a cold shaking that was startlingly familiar to America.
"ENGLAND!" That snapped him out of it. The older nation flinched slightly, before turning a more accustomed glare on the American. "What, you git?" "You kinda spaced out there, babe."
:iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 58 17
Traditional Japanese Room Design by YecatsCullenLOTR Traditional Japanese Room Design :iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 1 0 Practice on Eyes and Noses by YecatsCullenLOTR Practice on Eyes and Noses :iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 0 0 Art Collage by YecatsCullenLOTR Art Collage :iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 1 0 Top 10 Hetalia Couples Meme by YecatsCullenLOTR Top 10 Hetalia Couples Meme :iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 249 93 Sherlock Holmes Bag by YecatsCullenLOTR Sherlock Holmes Bag :iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 1 0 Art Dump by YecatsCullenLOTR Art Dump :iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 0 0
Sherlock - Mistakes
Disclaimer: I do not own, nor claim to own, any recognizable characters or storylines. The modern Sherlock Holmes TV show belongs to the BBC, Gatiss, and Moffatt (and soon to be CBS…grr…goddammit, still pissed about that). And the original Sherlock Holmes stories belong to the revered and amazing Arthur Conan Doyle. *bows down*
So, hello everybody! This is my first ever Sherlock story! *le gasp* I know, right! Amazing that I've haven't gotten around to this before…But whatever! This piece is Mycroft centered, and it takes place right around the time after Sherlock jumps in the Reichenbach Fall. :'( Oh, and in this version of my canon, Mycroft doesn't know that Sherlock's alive until a few months after he supposedly "dies."
Oh, and one last note: I'm writing this for the tumblr Save Undershaw: Art of Deduction contest! :) It's a fan-based project to raise money for the Save Undershaw Project (featuring Mark Gatiss, or so I've heard). Hopefully, I'll get picked! *crosse
:iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 11 4
Self-Harm Awareness Butterfly by YecatsCullenLOTR Self-Harm Awareness Butterfly :iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 4 1
Star Trek Movie Manifesto Part 3 Omake
Disclaimer: *SEE LAST CHAPTERS*  And as an addition, the novelization of ST IV: The Voyage Home does not belong to me: it belongs to its author, Vonda McIntyre. But the actual Trek franchise belongs to, uh, their respective owners (Gene Roddenberry? I don't know…).
So hi, looks like I'm back again! XD I really just can't let this story go…
This isn't meant to be an extra chapter. It's actually just an "omake," really. And if you're not up on Japanese-anime terms like I am, an omake is defined as, "a term used in anime and manga to indicate a 'bonus' or 'extra' to the story." So, yes, this is the omake! XD Aren't you excited?! *crickets* Ahem. Well, okay then.
So, first I wanna just thank all you reviewers and lurkers that have favorited and/or alerted this story! =D I really am thankful – and don't worry, don't be ashamed if you are a lurker, 'cause I'm a bit of one too! XD But, yes, I'd just like to list those who did favorite and/or alerted, but didn't write
:iconyecatscullenlotr:YecatsCullenLOTR 0 0


King Fulk and Queen Melisende by dashinvaine King Fulk and Queen Melisende :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 97 18 Sirius and Remus by chirokko Sirius and Remus :iconchirokko:chirokko 284 11 Iron Man by pba-clara Iron Man :iconpba-clara:pba-clara 229 31 Iron Man-Hold my flower- spoilers by Elentori Iron Man-Hold my flower- spoilers :iconelentori:Elentori 330 10 Daredevil and Electra by naratani Daredevil and Electra :iconnaratani:naratani 64 0 ZurdoM's DD and Electra by Alex0wens ZurdoM's DD and Electra :iconalex0wens:Alex0wens 378 54 hades and persephone 2 by sandara hades and persephone 2 :iconsandara:sandara 146,958 11,348 Chess War Collection by Neko-Vi Chess War Collection :iconneko-vi:Neko-Vi 911 13 Gold elf female by A-gala Gold elf female :icona-gala:A-gala 326 48
The Stargate Rulebook
1. Listen to Daniel, he’s always right!
2. I said: Always listen to Daniel!!!!!
3. Daniel never really dies, so don’t let him fool you.
4. NEVER put McKay and Daniel in the same room alone, it’s not a pretty sight.
5. Still not listening, *sigh*. What did I just say?? LISTEN TO BLOODY DANIEL!
6. Always listen to Sam over McKay when solving a technical problem.
7. Never piss off/hurt Daniel in any way, ‘cause if you do, you’ll have to answer to one HUGE Jaffa, one kick-ass astrophysicist and one over-protective Airforce Colonel…… And of course a number of angry ancients.
8. If you’re asking a rhetorical question, or a question you don’t really want to know the answer to, never ask Sam or Daniel, ‘cause you’ll get an answer anyway.
9. If  Teal’c is angry with you, run and hide, preferably in another universe.
10. Seriously, still not listening?? Do you have a death wish or something? Listen to Dani
:iconluthlaya:Luthlaya 70 43
Don't Let Go by AlexKingOfTheDamned Don't Let Go :iconalexkingofthedamned:AlexKingOfTheDamned 13 8 Caminata solitaria by Florbe Caminata solitaria :iconflorbe:Florbe 730 71 Goldfish by tillieke Goldfish :icontillieke:tillieke 1,033 43 Sherlock - His point of view by zzigae Sherlock - His point of view :iconzzigae:zzigae 161 22 Sherlock - A picture by zzigae Sherlock - A picture :iconzzigae:zzigae 290 100 Science Bros Tales 1 by AiWa-sensei Science Bros Tales 1 :iconaiwa-sensei:AiWa-sensei 1,450 117



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Symbol/Word System:
(+++) WANT.
(++) Hell YA!
(+) Cool.
(~) Eh.
(-) Nah.
(--) Nope.
(---) Hell No.
(?) What?

Anal on Males (+++)

Anal on Females (++)

Breasts (++)

Breast Expansion (--)

Weight Gain (--): I don't mind this as a thing that happens in general, but as a fetish...Nah.

Bondage (+++): NOT 50 Shades of Grey style. SAFE, SANE, AND CONSENSUAL, thank you very much.

Clothing (~)

Leather (+)

Stockings (+): Can be really cute AND really sexy

Shoe/Boots (?)

Suit and Tie (+++): Yummm....

Muscle, Male (++): See, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds...and so on.

Muscle, Female (~)

Hermaphrodite (--)

Cub/Shota (---)

Baby/Diaper (---): BIG no.

Transformation (?)

Macro/Micro (?)

Impregnation (~): Not really a fetish, but I enjoy reading fics that involve it.

Pregnancy (~): Same comment as above.

Lactation (---): As someone with breasts, this just turns me off.

Anal Vore (?): Uh, I've heard of Vore before...but this?

Soul Vore (?): Again, what?

Cock Vore (?): At this point, I don't even wanna know.

Standard Soft Vore (--): This doesn't turn me off as much as...

Standard Hard Vore (---): ...This. Yeah. This is my ultimate turn-off.

Paw/Foot (?): The fuck? Is this some sort of furry thing? If so, eww.

Incest (+): For only a few pairings, like Thor/Loki (although that's not really incest since they're not related) and Elladan/Elrohir. But, it's not really a fetish of mine - more like just who I ship people with.

Clonecest (+): Ok, yeah, I've read a few fics where this is hot.

Yuri (F/F) (+++): Always.

Yaoi (M/M) (+++): Also, always.

Hetero (M/F) (++): Yes. I'm just..tired of it.

Bi (+++): Fucking yes.

Girly Boys (++)

Butch Girls (+++): [heart eyes]

Mind Control (+)

Rape (+): Only if it's consensual rape play or fantasies.

Uniform (+): If they're army uniforms? Yess.

Orgy (++): Always. Threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes? Give them to me.

Subbing/Doming (+++): I guess this goes with the bondage category.

Biting (+)

Solo Masturbation; Male (~)

Solo Masturbation; Female (~)

Scat (---): No. That's gross.

Inflation (?)

Fat/Pudge (--)

Tech (?)

Watersports (-)

Glasses (~)

Tentacles (++): Guilty pleasure, I know.

Oviposition (?): ...What...?

Masochism (+++): Again, as long as it's safe, sane, and consensual.

Partial Nudity (~)

Gore/guro (---)

Snuff (?)

Hyper (?)

Zoophilia (---): Let's not...

Electricity (+)

Cross-dressing (~):

Oral (+): Depends. I like men on men and women on women.

Asphyxiation (+): Again, as long as it's SAFE, SANE, AND CONSENSUAL.

Wet-look (?)

Mud/Quicksand (?)

Sinking (?): are these?

Spooge (?)

Tickling (--)

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United States
Wow...i just realized how much I really suck at writing these. Well, I live in a VERY small town in the Bronx, New York...I'm a big fangirl...I'm a BIG LGBT and gay marriage supporter and so that also supports my big love of SLASHYNESS! xD Account (Penname: CC.V.RG):…
Pinterest Account (Penname: Yecatalia):
YouTube Account (Penname: CarlisleEsmeluv):…


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>.< So yes, to put it simply, I'm terribly sorry, but I'm going to have to withdraw my offer. I'm really sorry. But I hope that somebody else gets that they may love and cherish it. *sniff*

I wish you luck, though! ^^
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(wanted to get a iron man figure the other day but no moneys so i feel your pain)
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